Sis, Celebrate Yourself During #WomensHistoryMonth — You Deserve It!

Monday, March 08, 2021

Women’s History Month shines its spotlight on the vital role women play in history and in today’s society. As we acknowledge countless inspiring women and their contributions, we also encourage you to utilize this special opportunity to celebrate you!

Women like you — heroic women who work tirelessly to keep their families intact and who have it handled in the workplace and at home — deserve recognition today and every day. Because you may not always have your own cheerleading team, we’ve gathered seven simple yet significant ways you can celebrate yourself this month and beyond. Here’s how:

1. Reflect on what you’re proud of.

As women, we often set ambitious goals; but once we accomplish them, we rush to the next thing. We rarely pat ourselves on the back for doing what we said we would so let’s be intentional about reflecting on our wins, both big and small. Take some time to ruminate on the accomplishments you’re proud of and appreciate just how far you’ve come. In the middle of a pandemic, you continue to strive and lean on the strength you didn’t even know you had. That deserves to be celebrated. When we’re so focused on the next thing, we don’t realize how much we’ve already achieved.

2. When in doubt, just say, “Thank you!”

Have you ever been given a compliment, but somehow find a way to deflect, discount, or downplay it? Sis, we left that in 2020. When someone wants to celebrate you, whether they like your outfit or they’re praising you for a job well done, simply smile and say thank you. Sometimes we deflect because we don’t feel worthy or believe the approving party couldn’t possibly be talking about us. For some, deflecting compliments becomes a habit, but thankfully, habits can be broken. Resist the temptation to disqualify the positive words you receive. The person complimenting you will also be grateful you did.

3. Buy yourself flowers.

You don’t need a special reason to buy flowers for yourself. You’ve survived a lot, you’re limitless, and you deserve nice things. Ladies, don’t wait on someone to do it for you — pick up a beautiful bouquet today! A delightful arrangement not only brightens up a room; it also sparks joy, has an uplifting effect on your mood, and makes you smile.

4. Enjoy your downtime.

As hard as we women work, it’s so necessary to indulge in quality time with ourselves. We live in a culture that takes pride in staying busy. But always being on the go or powering through our ever-growing to-do list can become detrimental to our health. Rest is necessary. Curling up with a good book is necessary. Binging that show on Netflix, also necessary. Those precious moments to ourselves are just as important as the time we spend being productive.

Remember to celebrate yourself!

5. Make a list of what you love about yourself.

When you can love and celebrate yourself, you don’t rely on someone to do that for you. Celebrating yourself is really about focusing on your positive qualities. What are three things you love about yourself today? Keep in mind, no rules apply when creating this list. How have you grown during this time? Have you helped someone in a way that makes you proud? Write it in a journal and pull it out on those rainy days when you need to hear it most.

6. Listen to an uplifting podcast.

When you find yourself bored with your music playlist, put on an uplifting podcast instead. While some podcasts simply inform, a plethora of podcasts are designed to uplift and make you laugh. Listening to an encouraging podcast is like having a good friend cheering you on for your journey ahead. Podcasts also can channel your emotions and help you see that someone else has gone through similar experiences and come out on the other side. If you’re looking for a good time via a podcast, check out the Woman Evolve Podcast with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts to start. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Treat yourself.

We hear this quite often, but it’s a truth that’s near and dear to our hearts. We’ve learned that you can’t wait for someone else to give you the things you desire or deserve. Have you been eyeing something but put it off for a special occasion? Wait no more. But note this: Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve buying material things. Sometimes treating yourself looks like taking a nap, or trying out a recipe you’ve been wanting to master. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. If it makes you happy, treat yourself.

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