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Woman Thou Art Loosed
Woman Thou Art Loosed

To the Class of Woman Thou Art Loosed,

This is your homecoming. You’ve been loosed; now, it’s time to evolve. You are extraordinary women of purpose who initiated a chat that turned into a worldwide conversation. You’re the Who’s Who of female entrepreneurs. You were voted best style and grace. You were voted most likely to shatter glass ceilings. To become doctors, lawyers, and CEOs. You were voted most likely to turn hashtags into movements.

This is your alma mater, a movement of epic proportions. This is your coronation of empowerment. You are the culmination of everything those before you dreamt, fought, and died for. From the freshman to the senior class, to the alumnae, this is a triumphant gathering of generations. It’s time to come home, back to where it all began. The song may end, but the band plays on. Welcome home to Atlanta, Georgia, from September 10-12, 2020.

2018 Video Recap

Cora Jakes-Coleman

Bishop T. D. Jakes

Sarah Jakes-Roberts



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