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Woman Thou Art Loosed

Opening Session

Artist: Opening Production by TPH Arts & Music

Artist: Natalie Grant

Our world is in a state of crisis. The storms that rage on our screens and in our homes have left us gasping for survival in a world where anxiety, fear, and depression threaten to suffocate us every day. Whether your mental health has been affected by the pandemic, police brutality, or a personal crisis, in this session, mental health advocates and professionals will provide the tactics to winning the battles in your mind and finding hope in the chaos.

Dominating the office by day and running the household by night can be a balancing act. How can one manage what they do at work without letting it define who they are overall? The pressure and demands of the workplace often require a different version of the woman who goes home to greet her family at night. In this intriguing session, we’ll delve into the ways women who are doing it all can separate their identities from their careers and handle adversity in the world.

These sessions will be held as Master Classes in Bishop’s Village

(Criminal Justice Reform, Your Ethnic Roots, Mothers/Women for Justice) For over 20 years, Woman Thou Art Loosed has been at the forefront of social change, unafraid to use our voice and platform and plant our roots at the intersection of justice and faith. And now, as we see glimpses of repeated history play out before our eyes, we must unite as one voice and be a vehicle for change in politics, race relations, mass incarceration, and criminal justice reform. Join us for this riveting and enlightening opportunity as we answer the pressing questions pertaining to Black Lives Matter and discuss how we can leverage it to make a difference.

Artist: Anthony Brown & GT

These troubling times have brought about an abundance of athletes, performers, actors, and others who have leveraged their artistry and platforms for effective change. Their voices have rippled across the nation, pushing the conversation for social justice into rooms where it was once off-limits. Join us for this most enlightening conversation as we hear from a number of people who have greatly impacted the entertainment industry and learn what they’ve done and will continue to do to move the needle for change.


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